Lorenzo Micheli Plays Pentecostés by Asencio

Italian guitarist Lorenzo Micheli plays Pentecostés from Suite Mística by Vicente Asencio (1908-1979). This comes via his fantastic YouTube channel and with audio and video by Drew Henderson. Love Micheli’s playing with his smooth, virtuosic playing with excellent phrasing and shaping. Surprisingly I couldn’t find the sheet music for this although Bèrben did publish it at some point. SheerPluck had this info though: Published in 1971 and a duration of 11’44. There are three movements: I. Getsemané; II. Dipso; III. Pentecostás. Dedication to Andrés Segovia with the premiere in Montreal, Canada, 6 March 1978: Andrés Segovia, guitar. Publisher: Bèrben.

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