Major Scales for Classical Guitar

Major Scales for Classical Guitar (PDF)
By Bradford Werner –
For Beginner to Intermediate Classical Guitarists
PDF includes notation, TAB, fingering, diagrams, tips, and more
Open & closed scale patterns as well as open string shifts
Video Lessons for the book and all scales

Major Scales for Classical GuitarThis book is for fingerboard knowledge and technique practice. It is a compact and manageable amount of information intended for beginner to intermediate guitarists looking for a foundation in major scales. I wanted this book to be straight-forward and manageable. Some scale books represent a lifelong endeavour, this book is a stepping stone along the student’s musical path. Therefore, I’ve included only the most common scale patterns in the main section of the book. I have limited the book to key signatures containing no more than four sharps and flats as those are to most common keys for guitarists. However, I’ve also made diagrams to show major scale patterns over the entire fretboard so you can learn your scales in every key and every position. Take a look inside the book to learn more.

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Look Inside the Book via Video

Video Lessons for the Scales via YouTube




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