Marisa Minder Plays 6 corde & 12 semitoni by Widmer

Marisa Minder performs 6 corde & 12 semitoni by Werner Widmer (b.1953) on classical guitar. This comes via Minder’s YouTube channel. Excellent performance by Minder with amazing contrasts as well as dynamic and textural control for the various motifs. You might also know Minder from her recordings of Hans Haug or flute and guitar ensemble as Duo Diversitas. Here’s a rough translation of Minder’s YouTube description:

Das lebhafte Stück für Gitarre enthält moderne und klassische Elemente wie eine Zwölftonreihe, chromatische Linien, Quarten-Akkorde, starke rhythmische Muster und tonale Melodien.  Das Tempo ist grundsätzlich schnell. Zwei langsame Melodien (“con dolcezza und “tempo semplice”) werden jeweils durch ein sanftes Motiv einige Takte vorher angekündigt. Das Stück zeichnet ein Bild unterschiedlichster menschlicher Erfahrungen und Emotionen.


The lively piece for guitar contains modern and classical elements such as a twelve-tone row, chromatic lines, fourth chords, strong rhythmic patterns and tonal melodies. The pace is generally fast. Two slow melodies (“con dolcezza” and “tempo semplice”) are each announced a few bars in advance by a gentle motif. The piece paints a picture of a wide variety of human experiences and emotions.

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  1. Wow – not just superb technique but the tonality and change of momentum through this performance is quite exquisite. A stunning performance leaving me wishing to hear more from this wonderful guitarist