New Release: Mastering Tremolo by Leonardo Garcia

Mastering Tremolo by Leonardo Garcia
Six String Journal Classical Guitar Technique Series
Kindle or Paperback: 52 pages

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Leonardo Garcia runs a great blog named Six String Journal where he gives lessons and writes other interesting articles. He also publishes a number of books including this dedicated look into the technique of tremolo. With a vast array of exercises and insightful instruction, Garcia’s Mastering Tremolo is an excellent resource for anyone studying this challenging technique.

Promotional blurb:
Leonardo Garcia’s Mastering Tremolo is an extensive guide for all aspiring guitarists wishing to develop solid tremolo technique. From a multitude of preliminary technical exercises and drills to develop a foundation for your tremolo and invigorate your technique, to more than a dozen active practice techniques detailed with musical examples to develop rhythmic precision, note consistency, tone, and speed, to the mental game of playing tremolo, this book will help improve your playing regardless of your level.

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