Matthew McAllister Plays Barrios on Four Guitars

Matthew McAllister - Four Guitars

Scottish guitarist Matthew McAllister plays the third movement of La Catedral, Allegro solemne by Agustín Barrios (1885–1944) on four different guitars. This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars and their constantly updated YouTube channel. Always a pleasure to hear the very musical Matthew McAllister and a fun addition to hear a cross-section of different guitars. You can never tell too much about the sound of the guitars in these situations because every instrument responds differently to mic placement, room acoustics, and mix but it’s still fun to hear. The luthiers are: Ariel Ameijenda (2016), Rafael Moreno (2005), Michel Brück (2000), Fritz Ober (2007). You can get the sheet music for the Barrios via Amazon: Complete Works of Agustin Barrios, Vol. 1.

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