Michael Butten Plays Narváez

Michael Butten performs three works by Luys de Narváez (fl. 1526-1549) on classical guitar. This comes via the Omni Foundation for Performing Arts and their great Youtube channel. Great repertoire and performance by Butten, he explains his arrangement of the Glorioso in the Omni description, “I chose to put the Plainchant in the ‘Gloriosa‘ variations as is at the beginning of the recording. In Renaissance times the plainsong melody would have been well known by listeners, but it is particularly veiled in the middle voices in the first variation so, in my opinion, it’s helpful to give listeners something to anchor the variations to.”

Repertoire by Luys de Narváez (fl. 1526-1549)

  • Diferencias sobre “Guárdame Las Vacas”
  • Baxa de Contrapunto
  • Diferencias sobre “O Glorioso Domina”

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