Michal Gondko Lute Recital

A one hour Lute Society Main Recital by lutenist Michal Gondko held in London, The Dutch Church. A full recital of Polonica Lute Music from around 1600. This comes via The Lute Society and their YouTube channel. Wonderful performance and talks on the repertoire. I love thematically connected concerts giving you taste of a specific genre or style. Enjoy!


  • 6 Balletti Polachi from D-Bs MS Danzig 4022
  • A Pollish Vinlanell by Tobias Hume (c.1579-1645)
  • A Pollish Ayre by Tobias Hume (c.1579-1645)
  • Fantasia by Ambrosious Albertus Dlugoraj (1557/8- after? 1619)
  • Passamezzo Extended by Michal Gondko by Diomedes Cato (1555-1628)
  • Praeludium by Diomedes Cato (1555-1628)
  • Galliarda by Diomedes Cato (1555-1628)
  • 3 Polnische Tantze by Mattaus Waissel (c. 1535/40- 1602)
  • Fantasia by Benedictus de Drusina (fl. 1556-73)
  • Tantum ergo sacramentum, taniecz z tego by UKR-LVu 1400/I, aka Krakov Lute Tablature
  • Praeambulum by Casparius Sieleczky (c. 1570-?)
  • Villanella polonica – From D-LEm MS II.6.15, formerly known as Villanella A(alberti) D(lugorai) from the Dlugoraij Lute Book
  • Chorea eiusdem nationis (= polonica)
  • Chorea polonica eisudem Authrois (=AD)
  • Cantio polonica
  • Volte A (ambrosii) A(lberti) D(lugorai)
  • Fantasia AD reconstructed by M. Gondko
  • Chorea polonica
  • Chorea polonica AD
  • Toccata From PL-Kj Mus. ms. 40153, aka Dusiacki MS
  • Potorae Konigin in Polen Tantz From CH-BuF IX 70, aka Wurstisen MS
  • Fantasia by Jacob Reys dit Polonois (c 1550-1605)

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