Miscelanea Guitar Quartet Plays Apophis by Marios Joannou Elia

The Miscelanea Guitar Quartet via Aesthis Records have been putting out very high quality videos with some great playing. For this one they are playing Apophis by Marios Joannou Elia.

It’s nice to actually see the composer in the video. Far too often composers are left out of the production process but here he’s an integral part. The performance is very clean and clear despite the challenge of the varied textures and alternative playing techniques. The composition is filled with interesting imitation and weaving lines that culminate in group climaxes. Really interesting textures and contrasts. The quality is and production is spectacular, new music promoters can take a hint at how successfully they present this music.

Here’s a little quote from Miscelanea Guitar Quartet

I am delighted to have all my guitar quartet compositions premiered by the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet. Their brilliant interpretation of “Staubzucker” and “Apophis” has managed to enthuse audiences allover Europe and America, thus presenting contemporary music in a very successful and uncommon way. – Marios Joannou Elia

Video Link and Quote Source: http://youtu.be/-pv-YKcS1MI

Miscelanea Guitar Quartet [Kostas Tosidis · Yorgos Pervolarakis · Alejandro Diaz Bandres · Manos Anastasakis].

A music video by Aesthis Records (Heidelberg/London/Thessaloniki).

Video direction: Aris Akritidis | 3D Animation: Giannis Andrias | Sound design: Neo Kaplanis, Nick Elia.
Actors: Emilie De Roo, Lana Hosni, Sofia Papanikandrou, Petros Kampourakis, Joao Dinis,
Miguel Diaz Bandres, Carolina Apikian.

Recording: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna, April 2008 | Tonmeister: Andreas Karlberger | Sound assistance: Stefan Wirtisch | Editing and Mixing: Neo Kaplanis.

With the kind support of Gabriele Zanetti (ORF Vienna), Dr. Alexander Fumagalli (Mozarteum Salzburg), Tanausu Luis Díaz (ex Miscelanea member), Hotel Hohenstauffen Salzburg, Alector Guitars, Paulos Gypas Guitars, Hannabach Strings and Ergoplay.

Sponsored by SKE Fonds / Austro Mechana, Vienna and Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart.

“Apophis” — a commission by the Otto Mauer Foundation, Vienna — was composed in Salzburg in 2001 (originally for clarinet quartet) and in 2008 (for guitar quartet). It is part of Marios Joannou Elia’s portrait CD “Staubzucker — Guitar Music in Ensemble Formations” (Aesthis Records).


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