Mobley and Acker Perform Purcell

Reginald L. Mobley (countertenor) and Brandon Acker (theorbo) perform Here The Deities Approve from Welcome to all the pleasures, Z.339 by Henry Purcell (c. 1659–1695). This comes via Acker’s great YouTube channel. Mobley is one of my favourite early music vocalists and I’ve been lucky to hear him perform at least three times. With a beautiful voice and matching performance charm it’s always a pleasure to hear him sing. Great playing by Acker on theorbo as well. I’ve actually posted this work before with Stephen Stubbs playing. Enjoy.


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    • No, it is “Here” as in the lyrics:

      Here the Deities approve,
      The God of Musick and of Love,
      All the Talents they have lent you,
      All the Blessings they have sent you,
      Pleas’d to see what they be-stow,
      Live and thrive so well below.