New Release: Ascension by Yuri Liberzon

I’d like to introduce the excellent guitarist Yuri Liberzon as well as congratulate him on his new album titled Ascension. It’s a great mix of repertoire from the complexity of Bach, lighter side of the Beatles, freedom of Keith Jarrett, and music from around the world. Everything from serious works to simple melodic bliss. Here’s a quote about the album via his BandCamp page: “This recording symbolizes my ascension as musician and human through the passage of time. It showcases music that resonated with me from when I was a kid back in Russia, teenager in Israel and my adult life in the USA. In no way is this album a representaion of the peak of my ascension, but rather a milestone on my way towards it.”


Yuri Liberzon, guitar
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1. Michelle – John Lennon/Paul McCartney
2. Danza Lucumí – Ernesto Lecuona
3. The Old Lime Tree (Lipa Vekovaia) – Sergei Rudnev
4. Sonata K.1 / L366 – Domenico Scarlatti
5. Sonata K. 27 / L449 – Domenico Scarlatti
6. Partita No. 2 In D Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1004, Allemande – Johann Sebastian Bach
7. Partita No. 2 In D Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1004, Courante – Johann Sebastian Bach
8. Partita No. 2 In D Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1004, Sarabande – Johann Sebastian Bach
9. Partita No. 2 In D Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1004, Gigue – Johann Sebastian Bach
10. Partita No. 2 In D Minor For Solo Violin, BWV 1004, Chaconne – Johann Sebastian Bach
11. Köln Concert Part IIc – Keith Jarrett
12. Yesterday – John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Russian-born and Israeli-raised guitarist Yuri Liberzon ranks among today’s foremost classical guitarists in the United States and the world. His playing has been described as “Transcendent technical prowess at the service of gracious musicality. He is a natural born guitarist”. Washington D.C. Guitar Society wrote: “Mr. Liberzon was terrific. World-class mental acrobatics. Very pleasing results.” Read more of his bio at


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