Pasieczny Plays Neo Variations: Tribute to John Towner Williams


Marek Pasieczny - Guitar/composerUK composer and guitarist Marek Pasieczny plays Neo Variations: Tribute to John Towner Williams composed by Marek Pasieczny (2016). A tribute to film music and John Williams (the composer, not the guitarist). You can get the sheet music via his website. Here’s an excerpt from his YouTube info: “All my life as a composer I have been a huge fan of film music. There is no other contemporary musical genre with so much variety and openness to any kind of music and compositional techniques as in film music. Here, the past meets the future, where the heritage of past composers are used in new ways and combined with new technologies. The prefix ‘neo’ in the title of this variations is a testament to the converging of the old and new. The language of the entire variations is ‘neo’ in some way, either neo-classical (e.g. opening ‘Fanfare’ or Var. II), neo-romantic (main Theme, The Finale), or neo-impressionistic (Var. I, III, IV, V). One of the most significant film composers in the history of world cinema is the American composer John Towner Williams. This piece is my tribute to him, mimicking the proverbial triumphant symphonic opening in the form of a Fanfare before introducing a lyrical ‘movie’ theme. The five variations that follow are arranged in the neo-classical and neo-impressionistic style.”

Read more about the piece and the technique of parallel triads used in the piece via the YouTube info section.

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