Peter Graneis plays La Gaubança by Asencio

Peter Graneis plays La Gaubança from Collectici Intim by Vicente Asencio (1908–1979) on a 2010 Andrés. D. Marvi guitar.This comes via Siccas Guitars and their great YouTube channel. Great playing by Graneis, lots of crisp articulations, excitement, but some nice sweet moments too. Vicente Asencio was a Spanish composer and wrote Colletici Íntim in 1965 for Narciso Yepes. Asencio’s movements are based on ‘affects’: La Serenor (Serenity), La Joia (Joy), La Calma (Calm), La Gaubança (Delight), and La Frisança (Haste).

Sheet music via Amazon: Collectici Intim

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