Rugolo & Gillo Play Duo Concertant Op.31, No.3 by Lhoyer

Fantastic. Antonio Rugolo and Angelo Gillo play Duo Concertant Op.31, No.3 by Antoine de Lhoyer (1768-1852) on 1820 Panormo replica guitars made by luthier Luigi Locatto. This comes vis Rugolo’s Youtube channel. Lhoyer was was a French virtuoso guitarist and an eminent early romantic composer of mainly chamber music featuring the classical guitar. The duos are of particular interest as they are numerous and pretty high quality compared to his guitar composer contemporaries.  Amazing performance filled with some beautiful phrasing but also shocking tempos and articulations. They are relentless.

I. Allegro agitato
II. Romance – Andante Sostenuto
III. Rondo – Poco vivace


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  1. Many thanks, Mr Werner, indeed, for drawing our attention to this composer and these players, none of whom have I heard of before. Exquisite music, played magnificently. I will certainly be searching out more.
    Great site.
    Thanks again.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking…When these virtuosi finished playing I too drew a breath…
    Ramon Carrion