Sanel Redžić Plays Complete Bach Partita BWV 1004

Bosnia- Herzegovina guitarist Sanel Redžić plays Partita II, BWV 1004 in d minor [all 33 minutes] by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes via Redžić’s YouTube. Nice video, directed by Augustin Pesnon, guitar by Otto Vowinkel. The monumental second violin partita contains five movements, given in Italian as: Allemanda, Corrente, Sarabanda, Giga, and Ciaccona. The chaconne being a real focal point in music history and large-scale solo violin structure. Fantastic to have the entire work all in one beautiful video with such a great player. Sheet music for the violin works can be found online but I like the nice Urtext edition of the originals. Many people really just play the original violin music with a few added bass notes. Old-school guitarists can check out Segovia’s Chaconne edition. I haven’t looked at this edition by Tadashi Sasaki but it might be very promising: Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1001-1006


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