Segovia and his Guitars: Verdery via Metropolitan Museum of Art

Benjamin Verdery  talks to curators (J. Kenneth Moore and Jayson Kerr Dobney) of the Musical Instruments Collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  via 92nd Street Y‘s YouTube channel.

In 1987 Andrés Segovia presented two guitars to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for its Musical Instruments Collection: his 1912 Ramirez and 1937 Hauser. He began his career with the Ramirez, but it was with the Hauser that he defined a “classical guitar” sound and established his instrument as a major force in classical music.

92Y’s Benjamin Verdery sits down with the curators of the Musical Instruments Collections—J. Kenneth Moore and Jayson Kerr Dobney—in front of the case containing the Segovia Guitars to discuss Segovia, the instruments, and his lasting legacy.

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