Sharon Isbin, Stanley Jordan & Romero Lubambo

I don’t know what to make of this! It’s certainly interesting but cluttered sounding. Not a bad cluttered, but just intensely crowded. Neat though and the interaction between them is great. Via Sharon Isbin’s YouTube:

Sharon Isbin, Stanley Jordan & Romero Lubambo perform live on Detroit television during their 18-city 2014 Guitar Passions tour. Their performances combine jazz, classical, rock and Brazilian styles in a unique fusion of genres. Guitar World magazine wrote: “These three amazing instrumentalists were meant to play together. The chemistry between them is so genuine … like a love triangle of soul mates who finish each other’s sentences.”


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  1. Strict classical guitarists or listeners have “classical ears” which have their boundaries. Listening to more samba, chorinho, maxixe, bossa, a few jazz genres and of course mĂşsica flamenca can only help broaden the hearing sensibilities… though many might declare the influence corrupting. jejeje These guys are great together but each to his own ears. I like their “mesh”. 🙂 Love Ă©m one on one and all together. SJ maybe could have backed off his amp a tad but this was a YouTube posting and the live sound setup may have been perfect.

  2. Love all of these guitarists, but this was too painful to listen to. Especially with the Valse arrangement, Jordans playing did not mesh well . Very grating to my ears.