Songs and Arias by Garth Baxter

Here’s a new release by composer Garth Baxter and performed by Katherine Unha Keem, soprano; Andrew Stewart, piano; Kathrin Murray, guitar; Peter Scott Drackley, tenor. From the Heart: Three American Women is a significant contribution to the guitar and voice repertoire with nine songs in the collection as well the 2 Songs of Reflection.

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Garth Baxter Songs and AriasSongs and Arias by Garth Baxter
Centaur Records
Release Date: February 10, 2015

This CD contains original art songs for voice and piano and for voice and guitar using lyrics from poems of Sara Teasdale, Thomas Hardy, Willa Cather, Susan Laura Lugo, Linda Pastan, and William Blake. It also contains five arias from the new American opera Lily by composer Garth Baxter and lyricist Lisa VanAuken. The entire CD features soprano Katherine Keem with tenor Peter Scott Drackley, pianist Andrew Stewart, and guitarist Kathrin Murray. The music is representative of the modern traditionalist style of Mr. Baxter, emphasizing strong melodic content with a perfect blending of text and music. Although the majority of the music is neo-romantic, there are several surprises with some songs bringing in a jazzy feel while others elicit an almost folk-like feeling. Mr. Baxter is an award winning published composer whose works have been featured in concerts and media worldwide. – Notes provided by Garth Baxter



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