Two possible solutions to suction cup problems on guitar supports…

Just a quick thought regarding the the suction cup problem, that is, of suction cups coming off randomly.

SOLUTION #1: I’ve never really thought of this but why not super glue the suction cups from your guitar support onto a Kling-on Suction Cup Protection Pad THINGY (clear static or light adhesive surface) and then just slide your guitar support in and out of the suction cup holders. The Gitano would work well for this.

SOLUTION #1.5: You could also just super glue the guitar support right onto the Kling-on pad… As in, no suction cups, glue the frame (might damage it though and you can’t exactly un-glue super glue…)

SOLUTION #2: I’ve also seriously considered using Velcro Brand Industrial Strength Tape  on the guitar support and then use that on the Kling-on pad…simply throwing away the suction-cups altogether.

UPDATE (Sept 2014): I tried solution two but the Velco made noise as little bits came off. This method not great for the gitano due to the angle and weight distribution. Might be better on The Ergoplay. Proceeding to try solution #1 which, in retrospect, should have been tried first.

What are your ideas?



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  1. Please do a review of the Hagi guitar support made in Germany. It uses Velcro to adhere to the guitar. I own two of them and used them with zero damage issues to French polish. My Sageworks has worn off some French polish on my Milburn guitar, so I will go back to Hagi.

  2. It should be integral to the guitar. Builders should simply build the support into the guitar so it can be retracted after use and held in place with some kind of wing nut or such.

  3. HI Bradford,

    I’m glad there are other guitarists out there who are interested in this. I’ve been using Gitano guitar supports for a few years. The compact size is definitely a plus, and I can almost get an ideal playing position. The suction cup has never been reliable, especially in concert situations.

    I had thought of trying velcro a while ago, but your post was sufficient motivation for me to modify one of the Gitanos to try it out. I’ve just mounted the velcro on the guitar on one of the kling-on suction cup protector sheets. Once the adhesive dries, I’ll see if it works.

    The magnetic attaching used by Barnett guitar supports looks interesting also.


  4. Hi Bradford.
    Yes , we can find some other good solution beside suction cup , like silicone glue , that will be mounted on rough surface firmly.

  5. FYI: super glue is easily undone. Super glue, otherwise known as Cyanoacrylate Glue, is undone using what is called Cyanoacrylate Debonder or super glue debonder. Comes in spray cans, pump spray bottles or just little plastic bottles. Debonds super glue quite well and guitar builders always have it handy for those moments when they glue something with super glue accidentally, like their fingers. 🙂

  6. Dirt and grime cause the problem. Clean the cups with rubbing alcohol. Do not get any alcohol on the guitar or it will damage the finish. I also put a strip of clear packing tape on the guitar where the cups attach so I can clean the tape with alcohol too. Zero problems doing it this way.

  7. I think the suction cups stick well on a lacquer finish but not on a French polished finish.
    One solution for French polished guitars is to spray lacquer where the suction cups go.

    Doesn’t look too bad.

  8. Bradford,
    I’m not sure what “suction cup problems” you mean. I recently got the Gitano support based on your recommendation and I’m very pleased with it. The suction cups hold the support securely, but I can release them easily with the tabs when needed. I don’t see any markings from the cups on the guitar’s finish, but maybe that could be a long-term problem? Anyway, I think the cups are a good solution, better than any of the alternatives I’ve seen mentioned.

    • Dick, many people have found that suction cups randomly come off. This is a horrible situation if one is a performer. It depends on many variables from guitar to person to position. If yours stay on then you are one lucky guy!

  9. Okay – I know what kind of response this is going to get even before I write it, but why not build the guitar in the shape you actually want to hold it in? As a disreputable old Folk singer, I throw the guitar up on my knee and play it anywhere I want to, but if you need footstools and suction cups to get the job done, just build the modification into the design. I was looking at some pictures of Pepe Romero teaching at a college and he was holding his guitar pretty much the same way I do! Michael Chapdelaine wanders on stage barefoot and plays standing up with a strap – maybe the guitar isn’t the problem? Is is possible that we are playing the wrong guitar?

    • That would mean building a custom guitar for each player, not to mention building a different guitar every time the player’s body changes.

  10. Hey Brent, yes I have the mutara but it doesn’t work well with my raised fingerboard…sadly. The Barnett looks interesting…