The Bowers Fader Duo: Between Us All

Bowers Fader Duo - Between Us All

The Bowers Fader Duo: Between Us All: New American Art Songs for Voice & Guitar
Jessica Bowers, mezzo-soprano, and Oren Fader, guitar
New Focus Recordings, 2019

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I was very pleased to be sent this exquisite recording of new music for voice and guitar with new compositions by American composers. The musical language and writing for guitar and voice is excellent throughout. With great ensemble performances, intricate and musical guitar work, and soaring vocals, this is a very exciting release.

“Since their formation in 2009, The Bowers Fader Duo (Jessica Bowers, mezzo-soprano, and Oren Fader, guitar) has commissioned over 20 new works from American composers representing a wide range of compositional aesthetics. Between Us All, their debut recording, features performances of works by Paul Salerni, Scott Wheeler, Tim Mukherjee, and David Claman, that highlight the duo’s precise realization of the musical score and expressive communication of the texts.” – via New Focus Recordings

Video Performances


Paul Salerni: Something Permanent

  • 1. Land
  • 2. Mission
  • 3. Minstrels
  • 4. Boys
  • 5. Apartment
  • 6. Bed
  • 7. Rocker

Scott Wheeler: Canzoni Italiane

  • 8. Non mi mandar messaggi
  • 9. L’amor mio partì soldato
  • 10. Vieni, corri da me
  • 11. She Left for Good But Came Back

David Claman

  • 12. Ganga-Yamuna
  • 13. The Maldive Shark
  • 14. The Enviable Isles

Tim Mukherjee: Folk Song Settings

  • 15. Prelude
  • 16. Adieu, Dundee
  • 17. O Come, Emmanuel
  • 18. Interlude
  • 19. Idumea

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