The German Baroque: Bernhard Joachim Hagen


Theme of this week:  The German Baroque (click to see all posts).

Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720–1787) wrote some amazing works of beauty that are not often played. One reason for this is the unavailability of this works. To my knowledge there are no readily available editions in modern notation or even a published edition of the facsimile tablature. However, if you are connected to a university you can inter-library-loan the tablature. He’s one of the last important lute composers of the 18th century and somewhat overlooked but deserves more attention. Robert Barto as well as John Schneiderman are two players that have been recording and exploring his works, there are others of course but it’s slim pickings. Luckily those are two great players.

Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720-1787)
Sonata f-moll a liuto solo: Affettuoso-Allegro ma nn troppo
Robert Barto-Liuto

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