Thomas Viloteau Plays Suite Brasileira #3 by Assad

French guitarist Thomas Viloteau plays the fourth movement of the Suite Brasileira #3 by Sergio Assad, commissioned by and dedicated to Thomas Viloteau. Guitar by Bastien Burlot, 2015. I love how the pros are catching up with the YouTube generation and just finally recording at home with ‘Welcome to Florida’ t-shirts. Speaks volumes of change since the shushing days of concerts past… Viloteau sounds in top form once again with his freaky soundhole-less guitar by Burlot. There are portal soundholes on the sides by the way, you can check out the Luthier’s website for nice photos.

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  1. Most beautiful piece, can you tell me if there is a published sheet music for these pieces Suite Brasileira and where to purchase from? Thankyou