Tomasi-Musso Guitar Duo Play Tansman Sonatine

Tomasi-Musso Guitar Duo (Marco Musso & Davide Giovanni Tomasi) play movements from Sonatine (for two guitars) by Polish composer Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986). This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars and their great YouTube channel.

SoloDuo played this awhile back premiering the reconstructed/edited version. It’s a four-movement work was written by request of Andres Segovia one year after Tansman’s Cavatina. It was originally for one guitar with extended polyphonic/harmonic resources. The Sonatine was reconstructed/edited by Angelo Gilardino, Luigi Biscaldi, and Frédéric Zigante via Bèrben Editions (see link below). Some more info via guitargallerymusic: “With luck and good fortune, the complete manuscript…was unearthed in two different locations, ten years apart. In studying the composition…the piece was deemed unplayable as written but important enough to require a solution…the editors present an urtext of the Sonatine as written, together with the elegant guitar duo transcription, which solves a number of issues.”

Sheet Music Plus: Sonatine For 2 Guitars By Alexandre Tansman

Movement I – Modéré

Movement II – Elegia

Movement III – Vif

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