Vienna Duo play Sonatina, Op. 205 by Tedesco (Flute & Guitar)

Vienna Duo with Desislava Dobreva (flute) and Bozhana Pavlova (guitar) play Sonatina, Op. 205 (I.Allegretto grazioso, II. Tempo di Siciliana) by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968). This comes via their new YouTube channel (go give them some subscribers). Filmed at Ehrbar Hall, Vienna. I found the Duo’s YouTube randomly from a YouTube suggested video and was surprised to see this is the first video on their channel. Bozhana Pavlova just completed her PhD last year and has a long list of awards. Nice to hear this Sonatina by Tedesco with excellent ensemble writing and lots of playful exchanges between the parts. Clean and musical playing by Vienna Duo, guitar and flute is such a great combo. Looking forward to hearing what they record next.

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