Violin & Guitar Duo Album with Augustin Hadelich and Pablo Sainz Villegas

Spanish guitarist Pablo Sainz Villegas and violinist Augustin Hadelich have a new album out filled with some very nice selections including Piazzola, Falla, Paganini, and Sarasate. Here’s a nice video about the album, looks like a great, spicy album. Thanks for the share @PRGuitar

You can buy the album or listen samples via Amazon: Histoire du Tango

Augustin Hadelich and Pablo Sáinz Villegas talk about their new CD, “Histoire du Tango”, featuring music for violin and guitar by Piazzolla, De Falla, Paganini and Sarasate! The video contains footage of the recording session of the third movement of Piazzolla’s Histoire du Tango, “Night Club 1960”.

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