Virtuosity: Anton Baranov Plays Legnani Caprice No.7

Anton-BaranovHoly Moly! This is some serious flare from Russian GFA winner Anton Baranov. If it was any other composition I’d have to trash it for being over the top but here he gives us all the flash plus articulation and a wealth of musical ideas.

Knock yourself out with the sheet music if you like (via amazon):
Luigi Legnani: 36 Caprices Op. 20 (1790-1877) In all major & minor keys (Chanterelle)

Video Link and Quote Source:

Caprice No. 7
composed by Luigi Legnani (1790 — 1877)
performed by Anton Baranov

July 1, 2013 – Brown Theatre
University of Louisville
2013 Guitar Foundation of America
International Concert Artist Competition

Competition Final Results:

Anton Baranov (Russia) — 1st prize
Artyom Dervoed (Russia) — 2nd prize
Chad Ibison (USA) — 3rd prize
You Wang (China) — 4th prize

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