Weimar Guitar Quartet Play Sunfish by Westlake

The young Weimar Guitar Quartet playing Sunfish, the 2nd movement from Six Fish by Nigel Westlake. The 1st movement, Guitarfish, was uploaded by Stephanie Jones on her channel.The quartet is made up of Karmen Stendler (who you’ve seen on the site before), Stephanie Jones, Hanna Link, and Jakob Schmidt. This comes via Karmen Stendler’s YouTube channel. Great to see such a talented young group playing together. Not sure about all the players but Karmen (via her bio) is studying at the Hochschule für Musik “Franz Liszt” in Weimar in the class of Thomas Müller-Pering. Here’s the YouTube blurb about sunfish (love that they included this): “Ocean Sunfish are the largest and heaviest bony fish in the world, capable of weighing up to a tonne(!) Remarkably this animal seems to never stop growing and due to it’s humungous size it moves simply by wading through the ocean currents. The sunfish’s body is flattened laterally, resembling that of a sun or moon, and its diet consists of immense amounts jellyfish that accidentally glide into its mouth. The long phrased, relaxed melodies of this piece reflects the movements and very existence of this huge, sun bathe-loving fish.”

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