Xuefei Yang Plays Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon by Ren Guang

Xuefei Yang plays her own arrangement of one of Guang Ren’s (1900-1941) best known orchestral works. Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon was composed by Ren Guang in 1935 for a Chinese instrumental ensemble. This comes via her great YouTube channel. I haven’t featured Xuefei for awhile but I’m always super impressed with her creative playing, arranging, and guitar orchestration. I saw her perform years ago and was shocked at her unique and virtuosic performance. One the greats of our day. As she mentions in her YouTube description: “The leisurely and graceful piece develops a poetic scene of clouds chasing the bring moon in the vast night sky. The piece uses folk melodies from China’s Yangtze delta.”


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  1. What stunning playing. A beautiful arrangement and video. Miss Yang even smiles at the end and looks at her viewers. A nice twist for guitarist instead of just looking at your guitar. Such passionate playing. I was mesmerized!!