Zuljan & Peter Croton Play Canaries by Gaultier on Lute

Bor Zuljan & Peter Croton perform Canaries by Ennemond (Vieux) Gaultier (c.1575-1651) from the manuscript Vaudry de Saizenay. This comes via Zuljan’s YouTube channel. Bor plays an 11-course lute by Jiri Cepelak (2018) Peter plays an 11-course lute by Michael Lowe (2017). Recorded in the Leonhardskirche in Basel, Switzerland. Gaultier was a French lutenist and composer and an important figure of the 17th century French lute school for which this work was particularly influential. Beautiful performance by Zuljan and Croton with excellent rhythmic and motivic matching and sensitivity. Love it.


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