No. 15 – All-In-One-Arpeggio Pattern


This is a video lesson for my new ebook: 20 Favorite Exercises for Classical Guitar – For beginner to intermediate classical guitarists (Includes: notation, TAB, fingerings, practice tips). Check out more free video lessons at the lesson archive. I’ll be releasing videos for all 20 exercises.

Intermediate Arpeggio Exercise for Classical GuitarThis exercise & lesson, No. 15 – All in One Arpeggio Pattern Classical Guitar, is a great way for intermediate guitarists to practice a number of difference arpeggio patterns all at once. The video walks you through the exercise and gives a small lesson. The great French guitarist Thibault Cauvin showed me this pattern (or somthing along these lines) in a masterclass years ago. It is basically a number of arpeggio patterns grouped into one continuous loop. This is one of my favourite pre-concert exercises as it covers a lot of ground in very little time. Just remember to keep a nice balance in the right hand and execute the thumb and finger strokes at the same time, that is, release the string at the same time. Enjoy. This is one of my favourites!

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