Lesson: Allegretto, No. 22, Op. 50 by Mauro Giuliani


This post is for my new PDF eBook: Ten Classical Etudes
Includes fingering, notation & notation + TAB edition.

Allegretto, No. 22, Op. 50 by Mauro Giuliani
This is a great introductory etude for slurs and the four-finger position (one finger per fret). My etude eBook for classical guitar: Ten Classical Etudes is a progressive book for intermediate classical guitar. This etude is the second etude in the book so is just a basic legato and slur study before more difficult later etudes. You’ll want to gain a handle on basic slurs and a good left hand position before moving on to the next etude. I’ll be making lessons for each etude in the book. The book comes with two editions, a notation only, and notation + TAB version all in one PDF.

Video Source: http://youtu.be/GsRqSEndfK0

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  1. I have your book of studies and your favourite exercise one too.. these videos are just what I need – I live miles from anywhere – there are no Classical guitar tutors in the area – so your website and instruction are massively important to me – you are so dedicated to this…fantastic -thank you.

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