Classical Guitars for Sale

I’ve started a new idea for selling classical guitars: I try out the guitar and if I like it enough to recommend it I take photos and make a video. I’ll only sell instruments that I think are great. This is good for you (the buyer) because you get to see and hear the instrument and get my stamp of approval on it. Although reputable luthiers are consistent builders I think many people would still feel more comfortable seeing the instrument first if they can’t try it out themselves.

New Classical Guitars with Video Demo, Photos, and Two Thumbs Up

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Newly Refinished 2013 Lattice by Marcus Dominelli
Top: Cedar; Back & Sides: Walnut
650mm scale length
Elevated fingerboard
Armrest & Soundport
Recently refinished by Marcus Dominelli to look new!


2- 2016- Marcus Dominelli - angleNew 2016 Double Top Guitar by Marcus Dominelli – SOLD
Top: Cedar-outside/Nomex/spruce-inside
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
630mm scale (short scale)
Elevated fingerboard
Armrest & Soundport


Dominelli Guitar - TopNew 2015 Double Top Guitar by Marcus Dominelli – SOLD
Top: Spruce/Nomex/cedar
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
630mm scale (short scale)
Elevated fingerboard
Armrest & Soundport

Looking for factory made guitars available online?

I understand not everyone is ready for the leap to a custom luthier built guitar. Here are my Amazon recommendations (portions of the sale go to the site). These are guitars I recommend to my students and online followers.

I can only recommend what I’ve had experience with and so far the Cordoba brand is winning the game as far as affordable factory brands. Keep in mind that there are other great brands out there that I have not had the pleasure of exploring. One Yamaha made it into the list at least!

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Recommended Under $2000
Cordoba c12 Classical Guitar $1500-$2000
All the goodies. Modern design elements include a lattice braced top and raised fingerboard (not much though) for easy playability when accessing upper frets. It’s loud and fairly well balanced. If you are young concert player or just want a high quality instrument for an affordable price you should buy this.

See my full video review of the C12 Cordoba Guitar.

Recommended Under $1600
Cordoba C10 Classical Guitar $1000-1200
Solid Canadian cedar top &  Solid Indian rosewood back and sides. Hand inlaid Mother-of-Pearl “Esteso” Rosette. Indian rosewood bridge with ebony fingerboard. Includes Cordoba Polyfoam case. Also comes in a small scale “parlor” for all you shorties out there. 630mm. Beware of small neck profile on the parlor. Cordoba C10 Parlor.

See my full video review of the Cordoba C10 Parlor Guitar.

Recommended Under $1000
Cordoba C9 Classical Guitar $800-1000
Solid Canadian cedar top with solid mahogany back and sides. This is a winner when it comes to under $1000. I would love to see my students with a guitar that could last them into their intermediate years. Also comes in a small scale “parlor” size for all you shorties out there. Beware of small neck profile on the parlor. Cordoba C9 Parlor.

See my full video review of the Cordoba C9 Parlor.

Cordoba C7 Classical Guitar Price Range: $475-650
This is great because you get a solid cedar top and laminate Indian rosewood back and sides. This is a fantastic guitar for a beginner or intermediate which should last you until you are ready for a jump to an advanced guitar. In general, this is going to be louder and more refined a sound than the cheap Yamahas but the price is a jump up. Then again, who wants to buy another guitar a year or two from now? However, if you have a few extra bucks you can jump to the next category and get a solid wood guitar on both the back and top.

Recommended Under $500
Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar Price: $300-$350
With a solid top this one has some nice touches. In the end, with laminate back mahogany is fine choice and I don’t think paying the extra for a different laminate is worth it. Bottom Line: Everything you need plus some extra.

Recommended Under $200
Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Price Range $140-200
If you are on a budget then this one is for you. It’s still well built which is why it is such a good bargain for your dollar. If you can afford a better model then you’ll sound will be a bit more elegant and the playability a bit more smooth. Concerts might be better too. However, if you just need something to practice on and get you started these guitars will do the job for an amazing price! I always recommend this guitar to beginner students on a budget and I’m always impressed with what you can get for under $200. It’s not a refined sound but it’s a great working guitar. Bottom Line: Solid, well built. Laminate wood too bad but cheap. Also comes in a 7/8 size.