Gaspar Sanz Collection (Notation & TAB)


Gaspar Sanz Collection
Arranged & Edited by Bradford Werner
This PDF includes two editions. Notation Only followed by Notation + Modern Tablature.
Villanos, Fuga, Españoletas, La Cavalleria de Nápoles con dos Clarines, Las Hachas, Canarios

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Sanz-Collection-CoverAbout the works
These popular works by Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) originate from his Instrucción de música sobre la Guitarra Española. In 1954 Joaquín Rodrigo composed his guitar concerto Fantasía para un gentilhombre on themes from this source bringing widespread popularity to the melodies. The pieces selected for this collection are the Sanz works that influenced the Rodrigo concerto (Villanos, Fuga, Españoletas, La Cavalleria de Nápoles con dos Clarines, Las Hachas, Canarios). A degree of arranging for modern guitar has taken place. Most alterations include adding the sixth string of the modern guitar to complete logical musical lines. Besides that I have tried to keep to the original as often as possible.

Videos for Each Piece

Original Baroque Tablature

Click on Image to enlarge. Remember that it’s upside down (the bottom line is the high pitched string) and that he only had five strings so the top line is the low 5th string. My edition above uses modern tablature.

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