Abel García Ayala Plays Three Pieces by Carlos Chávez

Mexican guitarist Abel García Ayala performs Piezas for guitarra (Three pieces for guitar) by Mexican composer Carlos Chávez (1899–1978). This comes via Knobloch Strings and their YouTube channel. Wonderful rhythmic performance by Abel García Ayala with a wide variety of textures and moods. Chávez was a major composer of piano, chamber and symphonic music who only wrote two works with guitar. Here’s the Knobloch YouTube description and a link to more info.

…These pieces for guitar by Carlos Chávez, are the first pieces written in Mexico for this instrument in the 20th century, in the nationalist style or language…Three Pieces for Guitar is an emblematic piece for the Mexican classical guitar, which emulates the sounds and memories of the music of pre-Hispanic Mexico, of indigenous Mexico. Carlos Chávez transmits us through these three pieces the dances, songs, ritual music, pre-Hispanic priestly chants, rhythms and counterpoints, as well as timbres that generate soundscapes to remind us of Mexico before the conquest.

Do you want to know more about this music? You can read in our blog the article written by Abel García about this piece. [article in Spanish]

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