Andrea González Caballero plays Tango en Skaï

Spanish guitarist Andrea González Caballero plays Tango en Skaï by Roland Dyens (1955–2016). This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars in Germany and their YouTube. Tango en Skaï (1985), is one of Dyens’ best-known pieces, it encompasses all the fun and great writing that comes with Dyens. “Skaï” is a French slang term for imitation leather and here refers to the gauchos (cowboys) of Argentina and southern Brazil who are known for their leather outfits. Particularly interesting, Dyens states that the performer should feel free to improvise a little: “and if by some happy chance some extra, unwritten notes should stray uninvited into this tango, I’ll bet my last peso that the composer would welcome them with open arms…” You can also check out this great write up via CGM about the piece. Recommended Sheet Music (Amazon): Tango and Skai by Dyens


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