Ariel Abramovich Plays Ricercars by Francesco da Milano

Ariel Abramovich performs three Ricercars (or Fantasias) by Italian Renaissance lute composer Francesco Canova da Milano (1497–1543) on vihuela de mano. This comes via Edoardo Lambertenghi’s great YouTube channel. Excellent performance by Abramovich with a lovely rhythmic feel and motivic attention. I love the imitative works of Francesco da Milano but rarely have heard them on vihuela as opposed to Renaissance lute. Charm and compositional creativity fill these wonderful works.

  • 0:00 Ricercar 84
  • 1:14 Ricercar 81
  • 2:10 Ricercar 16

By the way, I have an free edition and video of number 16 here.

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