Evangelina Mascardi Plays Fantasia VII by Mudarra

Evangelina Mascardi (Vihuela) performs Fantasia VII by Alonso Mudarra (1510–1580) from Tres libros de musica en cifras para vihuela. This comes via Mascardi’s YouTube channel. Beautiful performance with excellent voice entries, phrasing, and rhythmic delivery. I learn so much about a natural delivery of early music performance practice just from watching Mascardi’s performances.

Mudarra wrote numerous pieces for the vihuela and the four-course guitar which are found in his Tres libros de musica en cifras para vihuela (Three books of music in numbers for vihuela), which he published in 1546 in Seville. These three books contain the first music ever published for the four-course guitar, which was then a relatively new instrument. Compositions represented in this publication include fantasias, variations (including a set on La Folia), tientos, pavanes and galliards, and songs. Read more via wiki.

If you’re interested in playing some Mudarra I have an edition and lesson for Fantasia No.10.


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  1. Beautifully done! I wondered if playing instruments like the vihuela and lute with no nail extension gives some particular advantage to the player?

    • Nails tend to sound a bit bright on the lute and course instruments (actually 2 strings close together for each string). I don’t think there is a technique advantage but maybe more for tone.