Barre Exercise for Classical Guitar

This is a new video lesson for my book: 20 Favorite Exercises for Classical Guitar – For beginner to intermediate classical guitarists (Includes: notation, TAB, fingerings, practice tips).I’ve been meaning to re-record some of these with better video quality.

This exercise & lesson, No. 16 – Barre Exercise for Classical Guitar, is a great way for intermediate guitarists to practice both barring and left-hand position. The video walks you through the exercise and gives a small lesson. The technique of the Barre (or bar) gives many students trouble. However, I’ve observed that many students do not practice barre exercises. Instead they struggle away…This exercise is intended to teach dexterity in the barre finger without adding tension or pressure. Only apply pressure to the exact spot on the barre finger that corresponds to the string being used. For example, if you are playing on the third string then only apply pressure to the part of the 1st finger that makes contact with the third string. That is, don’t apply pressure to all the strings if you are only playing the 3rd string. Your 1st finger should always be touching the strings but you need not push it down to the fret across all the strings.

When watching the video click the cog button to view in HD.

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  1. Brad, a little slow in responding, and I see a new edition is out. But I do want to thank you for this lesson on barre exercises. I struggle with barres, and the exercise and tips you provide are the best I’ve come across. They are helping already. Much appreciated