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Classical guitar videos by professionals and emerging artists. Watching pros play can improve your technique, musicality, and repertoire awareness.

Sharon Isbin Interview & Lesson

A nice interview and series of lessons with Julliard teacher and performer Sharon Isbin. She covers: some basic biography of herself, technique in right and left hand, ornamentation, phrasing, her discography, plenty of exercises, talks about performance. Lots of examples…

Scott Tennant plays Wild Mountain Thyme

We were delighted to have Maestro Scott Tennant come into the Guitar Salon International showroom to play a few guitars! Here he is playing his arrangement of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ on a brand new 2011 Daniel Friederich cedar-top classical guitar.…

Guitar tuners: how they work and some brief history

The title says it all. By reviewing the construction one can easily observe the inventive ideas created by Jorg Graf as well as his excellent attention to detail both as an engineer and a craftsman Source: Youtube – PatrickJamesKearney