Sanel Redzic plays Sonata Romantica by Ponce

The complete Sonata Romantica by Manuel Maria Ponce. Played wonderfully by Bosnia and Herzegovina guitarist Sanel Redzic, Live in Hakuju Hall Tokyo on 14.12.2013. Guitar by Masaki Sakurai 1999. This work is one of my favourites in the repertoire, very Schubertian! Check out this quote from his bio, keep in mind he was only born in 1988. He has been one busy guitarist!

Until today he has participated on more than 1000 concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Chile, India, China, Japan and USA…[read more via his website]

Sheet Music via Amazon: Guitar Works: Urtext Edition

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