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Classical guitar videos by professionals and emerging artists. Watching pros play can improve your technique, musicality, and repertoire awareness. This is like YouTube but with a handpicked quality filter.

Miscelanea Guitar Quartet play STAUBZUCKER

Wow, an actual music video! How often do we see this. I like the circle formation of the group and the central rotating camera. The drugged out and trapped character is also good. Very affective vocal work and soundscape from…

Leo Brouwer conducts a guitar orchestra

Leo Brouwer conducts a guitar orchestra…what more can I say? XX Festival de Guitarra i altres acords – Auditori de Barcelona. Paisaje cuabano con lluvia Leo Brouwer Source: 

Grisha Goryachev: OMG!

OMG! This guy can play! Shocking. “Russian Flamenco guitarists Grisha Goryachev stopped by KUT’s Studio 1A before his concert at the Long Center. This is the Austin Classical Guitar Society’s first performance of their new “Flamenco Austin” Series.” Video Link: 

Duo Melis play Piazzolla

Duo Melis with Susana Prieto and Alexis Muzurakis is ‘where it’s at’! Don’t forget it! I love the excellent accents and little scale runs. Additionally, they are great communicators between themselves and the audience. Duo Melis. Astor Piazzolla.Otoño Porteño. Transcription…

GFA Youth Winner Kevin Loh plays Paganini

Kids these days, always up to no good! Jokes aside, what a great young player Kevin Loh is. Congrats to him for winning the youth section of the GFA competition. Sonata in E major I. Minuetto II. Rondo (4:20) composed…

Pablo Garibay plays Elegie on a Stauffer

Elegie by Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856) played on a Stauffer period replica guitar…played by Pablo Garibay. Elegía de Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856), guitarra romántica copia de modelo Stauffer, por el constructor mexicano Abel García López. Pablo Plays La Bella Strings. Dedicado a Luis…

Heike Matthiesen plays Morel

Heike Matthiesen plays Jorge Morel’s Danza Brasileira. A really nice short and sweet piece with a great latin groove! A good way to start the day! Source: Heike Matthiesen on YouTube

Caged Music by Agustin Castilla-Avila

Today is John Cage’s birthday and fittingly I recieved these videos from composer Agustin Castilla-Avila. The guitar is re-imagined or ‘caged’. Here’s what the composer had to say about Caged Music III: It is the third piece (out of 4) of the…