Dave Belcher Performs Bach & Tisserand

ABOVE – Dave Belcher performs the Sarabande from Cello Suite No. 2, BWV 1008 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes via his Youtube channel (go subscribe). Great playing by Belcher with a rhythmic, yet flowing, delivery of the musical lines and ornamentation. I’ve been enjoying his work at Classical Guitar Corner (see below) for his positive and professional lessons.

BELOW – Dave Belcher performs Comme des Etudes No.3 by Thierry Tisserand. This comes via our friends over at Classical Guitar Corner and their YouTube. CGC is great, I always like to send people over to them for dedicated help at their academy. Nice sensitive performance by Belcher with some beautiful arched phrasing and excellent pacing. Below is their YouTube blurb:

This piece is part of a larger masterclass on the guitar music of French composer and guitarist Thierry Tisserand taught by our Community Manager, Dave Belcher. Each of Tisserand’s “Comme des Etudes” serve different technical and musical purposes and are great for the intermediate guitarist (we’ve placed this piece in Grade 4). No. 3 focuses on slurs and is a great study for working on slurs while holding on to notes with other fingers. It’s a delicate piece with a nice flowing character.

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  1. Those of us at Classical Guitar Corner love having Dave there as a coach! He’s an amazing teacher that has helped me tremendously throughout my journey. And he’s great in helping shape our community there.