David Russell on Practice and Technique

David Russell in conversation with Classical Guitar Retreat Director Matthew McAllister during the 2018 Retreat. Russell talks about his thoughts on practice and technique. This comes via McAllister’s Youtube Channel. He discusses aspects of his practice routine, tips on how to practice, the importance of technique and eagerness to improve. Actually there have been seven videos with Russell so far with many topics covered including Concentration & Distraction, Competitions, and some biography stuff. Check out more of these videos on YouTube.

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  1. That David Russell clip was really on the money. One of the most insightful and practical lessons on what constitutes technical practice.
    Each player can pick up something from this approach relative to the level they’re at. I think this is the antidote to the manic quest for speed and volume that pervades the classical guitar world at this time. And, what a nice man !