David Starobin and George Crumb play ‘Fritzi’ from ‘Mundus Canis’

Rare to see such an honoured and respected composer write great music for guitar. Not to mention perform it. Here the excellent David Starobin of Bridge Records performs ‘Fritzi’ from ‘Mundus Canis’ with composer George Crumb. Starobin has been a long-time advocate and champion of new music as well as running the Bridge Record Label. Bridge is run by Becky Starobin, President; David Starobin, Director of Artists & Repertoire; Robert Starobin, Vice-president.

This work has serious “bite.” But really, the textures and soundscapes of Crumb always fascinate. The music reflects the personas of dogs in ‘canine portraits’.

Quote via Bridge Records on YouTube

David Starobin and George Crumb perform Fritzi from George Crumb’s Mundus Canis (1998)

Video from George Crumb: “Bad Dog!” on Bridge Records. Available from Amazon.com, or directly from Bridge athttp://www.bridgerecords.com/catpage….

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