Desiderio and Dukic Play Manuel de Falla’s Danza de la Vida

Aniello DesiderioZoran Dukic play Danza de la Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla (1876-1946). This comes via Maestros de la Guitarra and their YouTube. Two of the greatest guitarists of today team up and play this famous arrangement of  Manuel de Falla’s work. Amazing ensemble work with exciting matched articulations and climaxes to the ends of phrases. Here’s the YouTube blurb: “The two world-famous guitar maestros Aniello Desiderio and Zoran Dukic perform in Barcelona one of Falla’s masterpieces, from the opera ‘La vida breve’. They presented their new show as a duo recently in Barcelona at the Festival Maestros de la Guitarra and, throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing some very cool videos from that unforgettable evening of beauty and virtuosity.”

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