Gohar Vardanyan plays Córdoba by Albéniz

Gohar Vardanyan plays Córdoba from Cantos de España, Op. 232 by Spanish pianist and composer Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909). Another great video from Gohar Vardanyan with this classic work which was originally for piano. Cantos de España (Songs of Spain) also includes other well known songs such as Prélude, Orientale, Sous le palmier, and Seguidillas.  Really nice pacing in the intro! Canada Alert: guitar by Jean Rompré.


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  1. I wasn’t as familiar with this one, Cordoba, as I am of other Albeniz pieces. Very nicely executed and interpreted by Ms. Vardanyan. I especially like how the major chord segment was played at around 1:19 secs and again at 4:48, very crisp, clear, and confident. The ending, too, is wonderfully executed with much clarity as the piece comes to a close in what I’m presuming is D minor.
    Gordon Duff