Gohar Vardanyan Plays Suite in A minor by Ponce

Gohar Vardanyan Suite in A minor by Manuel Maria Ponce (1882-1948). This is one of those imitation Baroque works Ponce wrote for Segovia. If you know the gossip, there is even a prelude by Ponce that was passed off as Weiss by Segovia. If you know about the history of this specific suite leave a comment below. I think there is something in that book of letters between Segovia and Ponce: The Segovia-Ponce Letters.


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  1. I have seen this piece attributed to Weiss in a collection of music. I think it was in one of the “World’s Favorite Selected Masterpieces for the Classic Guitar” books, but I might be misremembering.

    I heard an anecdote from a well-known guitarist of that time that Segovia originally attributed this piece to Bach in a concert, only to be quickly refuted by a Bach scholar who happened to be in the audience. Later he attributed it to Weiss, and this attribution helped create a surge of interest in Weiss’s music. It wasn’t until some time later and after lots of great Weiss music was rediscovered that people really started to question the attribution (after never having run across the piece in Weiss’s hand).