Interview and Performance for Matthew McAllister’s Gallery of Guitar

I had a great time doing this interview for Matthew McAllister‘s excellent Gallery of Guitar YouTube channel. Go subscribe now because he’ll be interviewing and featuring more players and community members in his series! You can watch the performance or interview on Youtube if your prefer.

It was a fun talk and we discuss a lot of ideas related to music, my site, distance learning, and life. The piece I played for his channel is French Chanson Le Plus Gorgias Du Monde (Anon) in a setting by Francesco Canova da Milano (1497–1543) in an exclusive performance made for his Gallery of Guitar YouTube channel.


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  1. Bradford, growing up in Creston I can appreciate your relocating to the Kootenays, but felt a loss. Hoped to see you at some point in Victoria. I live in Gibsons now but also lived in Victoria, 2002-2008 and studied viola with your colleagues at the Victoria Conservatory. I’ve been using your study materials and watching your videos. I’m a ‘bona-fide’ senior making very slow progress on classical guitar – but really appreciate your help.
    Perhaps sometime you’ll organize a summertime learner event in Trail! I went to one in New Denver some years back.
    Enjoyed this interview and your performance! A rich resource!

  2. Bradford, I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Matthew McAllister and your performance. It was interesting to get to know you a little more and come to appreciate your work on the website, and much more. And… you have introduced me to many guitarists…. including Matthew McAllister. Thanks! Enjoy your new location!