Isaac Bustos Plays Asturias (Leyenda) by Albeniz

Isaac Bustos - Classical Guitar

The fantastic guitarist Isaac Bustos plays Asturias (Leyenda) by Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909). Another beautiful performance filled with amazing virtuosity and nice musical shaping. As Bustos said on Facebook “Asturias is the reason I play classical guitar today. I can still remember listening to this work and being completely overwhelmed by its magic.” Pretty much the same experience for me. Williams recording of Spanish Music really inspired me when I was young, even though today I rarely listen to or play Spanish repertoire. It’s so overplayed now and yet continues to inspire a young generation. FYI, Op.232 (speak truth) or if you will, Op. 47 (for tradition). Audio and video by the great Canadian guitarist and producer Drew Henderson. Guitar: 2013 Martin Blackwell Spruce Double Top.

I have a free sheet music edition or tab here: Albeniz: Asturias (Leyenda).

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