Lorenzo Micheli Plays Six National Scottish Airs by Giuliani 

Lorenzo Micheli plays Six National Scottish Airs (Sei Arie Nazionali Scozzesi) by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). This comes via Micheli’s fantastic YouTube channel. Above is No.1-3, I’ll update this post when the other video comes out. I’ve seen the score for these works on a number of occasions and sight read through them not thinking much of them but hearing Micheli’s excellent performance brings them to life so I’m sold on them now. I’ll make an edition at some point.

I believe the songs are:

  • The Soldier’s Return
  • This is no My Ain Lassie
  • Coming, Through the Rye (Variant Auld Lang Syne)
  • Jennys Bawbee a Reel
  • The Blue Bells of Scotland
  • The Old Country Bumpkin


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  1. Would it be possible making an edition in tablature and including the tunes if Garyowen and My lodging is on the cold ground?

      • Lorenzo is playing “Six National Scottish Airs (Sei Arie Nazionali Scozzesi)” . The tunes I was talking about are from the “Op 125 Six Irish national airs”. Some of these last ones were performed by David Russell in his album “Message of the sea”. Both scores, Scottish and Irish airs can be found on this website: http://maurogiuliani.free.fr/en/integral.php

        The reason why am asking for a tablature edition? I’m not a skilled score reader. I would pay for a good tablature edition!