Lute & Voice – Douleur me bat by Josquin des Prez

Romain Bockler (baritone) & Bor Zuljan (lute) perform the chanson from Dulces Exuviae – “Douleur me bat” by Josquin des Prez (1450/1455–1521). This comes via Zuljan’s Youtube channel. Video by the amazing Uros Baric and Marie Delorme Zuljan (audio) with lute built by Philippe Mottet Rio. I also posted their other video for Nimphes nappes here. I love this stuff and just happen to be working on some period intabulations of motets by des Prez for two lutes right now. There are tons of intabulations of vocal works out there as well as chansons that fall beautifully on the lute or guitar. Can’t get enough of it.

Lyrics via their Youtube

Douleur me bat et tristesse m’afolle,
Amour me nuyt et malheur me consolle,
Vouloir me suit, mais aider ne me peult,
Jouyr ne puis d’ung grant bien qu’on me veult,
De vivre ainsi, pour dieu, qu’on me décolle.

Sadness strikes me and sadness maddens me,
Love harms me and misfortune consoles me
My will follows me but cannot help me,
I cannot enjoy a great good which she wishes me,
To live thus, by God, someone behead me!

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